Vispa XL

  • Vispa XL er en kraftfuld, banebrydende maskine, men er også ekstremt manøvrerbar.
    Faktisk, med en arbejdsbredde på 43 cm og et eksklusivt design, passer Vispa XL perfekt ind i det eksisterende sortiment og bliver en ny allieret ved vedligeholdelsesrengøring i små og mellemstore rum, inklusive dem, der er rodet, og takler selv den mest stædige snavs.
    Fås med skivebørste med en arbejdsbredde på 43 cm. Vispa XL er den perfekte løsning til rengøring af gulve i rengøringsentreprenører og i HoReCa-, detail-, velvære- og sportssektoren og alle de områder, hvor det er nødvendigt at arbejde på overflader, der strækker sig op til 1.600 m2.




  • basamenti 2 Two brush bases for endless possibilities. Available in the scrubbing version with disc brush and in the orbital
    version, both with a 43cm working width. Vispa XL is the perfect solution for cleaning floors at cleaning contractors' premises and in the HoReCa, retail, well-being and sports sectors, and all those areas where it is necessary to work on surfaces spanning up to 1,600 m2.
    329 stop go STOP&GO
    When the machine is temporarily idle, solution flow stops and the brushes are automatically held up, without the
    operator's help, so that consumptions are optimized and wastes reduced. Pressing the dead man's levers, all the
    functions previously activated are once again restored.
    328 294 eco Eco Mode
    Working in ECO Mode not only reduces energy consumption and lowers the noise level of Vispa XL, but also
    boosts productivity by optimizing the use of water, detergent and the battery. This function makes Vispa XL the ideal scrubbing machine for use in sensitive environments and wherever there are people present.
    330 296 cfc CFC Light
    The CFC Light system ensures the solidity of the investment, allowing the remote control of the status of machines in the fleet - when and where each machine is being used, and by whom, and if maintenance is needed - to let you intervene promptly, avoiding machine downtime and costly maintenance.
    protezione The Vispa XL structure is in polyethylene, designed to protect all the mechanical parts and guarantee solidity and robustness. Without forgetting its compactness, which protects the machine whilst ensuring it remains manoeuvrable.
    333 maniglia The recovery tank has a handle so it is easier to lift and empty. To further facilitate this operation, the Vispa XL dirty water tank can also be emptied through the pipe on the side of the machine.
    livello soluzione Full visibility of the solution level in the scrubbing machine, thanks to the transparent indicator on the side of Vispa XL.
    335 300 tergi The squeegee rotates 180° and, when it's in the side position, maintenance and rubber blade replacements can be carried out quickly and easily.
    336 manubrio The handlebars can be completely closed towards the machine body, enabling the scrubbing machine to be put away even in a small space. In addition, the extremely compact dimensions make it easy to transport.

    The height and tilt of the handlebars can be adjusted to guarantee the maximum comfort for the operator, even during extended use: this means Vispa XL adapts to the needs of each single person, avoiding the risk of back fatigue.
  •   Vispa XL
    Rentvandstank 25
    Snavsvands tank 27
    V/W 24/780
    Arbejdsbredde mm 430
    Bredde med svaber mm 516
    Arbejdskapacitet op til m²/h 1600
    Børstetryk kg 40
    Netto vægt med batteri kg 105
    Batteri tid timer 3


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